Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In the Nick of Time!

We have been so, so lucky with the weather! The doors and windows where finally delivered, having had plastic protecting the window and door openings, our builder managed to get them all in yesterday, just as the heavens opened.

How lucky where we!

They look fabulous, we are thrilled.

What is left to do, well the floor is down we just need to get the walls plastered, painted, then the laminate flooring down, finish off electrics, then guttering, water butts and a few bits outside.

Hopefully this should all be done by the end of next week, then we can move 'himself' and all his clutter in, lock, stock and barrel! Woo hoo!!!

In the meantime the pond is doing well and overflowing exactly where it is supposed to be.

One veg bed has gone, here I will extend the flower bed

and the other veg bed is to follow this will be put back to grass.

Now I have 2 of these do you think I could make them into 3 compartment compost bin?


  1. Wow Libby - that is one very posh study. Double glazing, ready for plastering - cor - he could move in lock stock and barrel if he had too? Or maybe one of the girls could rent it and hubs could have their room - you'd make a profit in no time!

    The garden will look absolutely stunning by spring and what a fantastic work space for your husband.

  2. It's nearly finished Libby, and the new doors and windows look great! I agree that we've been lucky that the weather has been cooperative so far :)

  3. What a great job!
    It looks great, hubby is going to love it, in fact I'd be surprised if you see much of him!

  4. Hi Libby,

    I want to come and live in your office. I can imagine sipping tea in the summer, watching the fish, perhaps the odd heron or two......perfect:)

  5. You have really been working hard on the new building and also on the garden, everything is looking terrific, including the pond. I'm sure you are feeling very pleased with yourselves.


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