Saturday, 15 October 2011


We realised that we would need more space to get the windows and doors round the back of the greenhouse, so we actually unglazed and unscrewed it!
Anyway whilst we had the access we decided to make a few further changes... more than had previously planned. Something we have wanted to do for years but just couldn't do with out assistance. So we negotiated a price with our builder and commenced on Tuesday 11th October.

Things started off looking like this

we emptied the pond, caught the fish and started digging. Yes I helped, because we where working on a daily rate!

This is all the soil that was dug out, unfortunately we couldn't get a skip till the following day as we wanted one with a drop end! So this was all moved to the skip the next day!

The water butts, bins, buckets etc are all filled with pond water, we put all the fish in one of the big water butts and popped the lid on.

After lining the whole pond with sand, then like a fleece layer we lay out the liner. as it filled I paddled round pulling and folding so we had quite neat corners etc.

It was then left overnight to settle and the following day we began the beautifiying bit!

here is the finished pond. The slabs came from another part of the garden. The pond filter on the other side of the pond has had a water fall created using to roof tiles we had.

Around the gunnera we have used the rocks that where around the edge of the old pond. The overflow is also here so any excess water will flow to where its needed!

The hose has to be reduced. But is for the log waterfall feature we have created.

and the fish are also very happy!

I made my hubby, promise not to go down the garden until it was looking good. W managed to get the decking done in front of the office as well and the grand opening took place last night.
All I can say is that it looks amazing, far better than the photos show.
We still have some tidying up to do, planting etc. But the hard work is done and all in 4 days. I am thrilled to be able to say I played a substantial part in its creation. Our builder is amazing and so inspirational, and even when the going got tough he still kept laughing!

This weekend, we shall be paying a number of visits to the tip. So no rest for the wicked lol!!!


  1. It's fabulous - I bet you are over the moon with the transformation of your garden - looks like it will be so much more manageable. I love your life sized heron - we lost a lot of fish to heron and paid a fortune to get the village blacksmith to make a cover for it. After having a garden room extension put on, we decided to get rid of the pond - ours was very deep and very big and was getting too much for me to manage each year with all the trees etc around here.

    Now the building work is finished we have to get the ex-building site grass seeded etc - but the gardener has let us down yet again - sigh

  2. The pond looks fantastic. I hope you've had good weather this weekend so that you've been able to sit in the garden and admire it.

  3. What a surprise indeed, I love your new pond Libby!! I didn't realise you'll give your old pond a makeover and your new one looks so lovely, and your fish looks happy too!

    As you know I've got a soft spot for ponds/water features and fishes in them so it was a pleasant surprise when I read your blog today :)

  4. I just started to follow your blog. I was searching for Medlar jelly after watching "Tainted fruit" from the Midsomer murder series, been checking them out at our local library and totally love the shows and the absolutely beauty country. The search brought me to a much earlier blog of yours and your fruit making page.
    So glad to have found it.
    Have a great evening


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