Friday, 7 October 2011

About the Garden!

I have been so wrapped up with nails and office conversion, that I have not been really looking at the garden, I am not sure what changed today, that made me look.
I was surprised with the amount of colour/flowers I have

this Black Eyed Susan has been totally amazing. Will Giles at the Exotic Garden Blog gave me the idea and I have been thrilled with how well it has done.

In the back ground you can see another of my Bromeliad's that has flowered!

Jungle area

My neighbours 'Kiwi' isn't it amazing, for some unknown reason it loves growing into my garden. I love it! Thanks S!

This is the best ever Rincus I have grown, I love it. I will definately get this one again.
My Maurelli's where very poor this year, no idea why, I don't think I did anything differently?

My Trachy has gone balistic this year, it has sent up so many spears its unbelievable

and there are still 3 to come!

Meanwhile I still have flowers everywhere!

Meanwhile at the bottom the decking is underway.

The greenhouse has been screwed down, so I will be able to get the glass in this weekend.

I hope to get the compost bins set up, I may even build some. I am planning the planting around the pond, plus I have dismantled one of the veg beds, so am in the process of extending the flowerbed and replanting some grass.

So much to do and so little time!!!


  1. Your Garden looks great Libby. I'm impressed so much is still in flower.
    Unseasonably warm here...80F
    No complaints from the tho'..!

  2. The garden is looking great Libby! And gorgeous flowers too :)

    I think Kiwi is such an underrated climber, the big leaves looks so exotic and jungly!


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