Thursday, 30 July 2009

I'm Back

I have been on a spur of the moment visit to my mums! Basically we discussed it at breakfast and we where packed and gone by the afternoon. T came with me much to Jakes distress, he definately did not make it easy for her to pack!!!

K and hubby told us whilst we where away all he did was meow! Day and night! and they where quite stunned by how quiet he went when T got back!!!I can see this may prove to give us grief if T goes to Uni he has become very attached to her!!!

Whilst there I always check out the 'NGS Open Garden' book and luckily there was a super garden open garden on the sunday which I went too and what a treat!

this is alot further north than me, infact just across the River Mersey from Liverpool, but they have a fantastic climate here, very mild and not alot of frost!!

I have one of these in my garden and really hope it grows as big as this!

I thought these a bit weedy, well mine are better hee hee!!!

When I got back I was greeted by this, my front garden, it has really grown and I think now reflects my love of the tropical plants!!!

Watch out for my giveaway, to celebrate my 4th Blog Birthday!


  1. Wow, your front garden has really sprung to life, it looks great.
    Glad you are enjoying the summer with your girls. We go away tomorrow, so I'm hoping that this weather bucks up and we get some sunshine. It's currently thundering and lightening here.

  2. Welcome back Libby and I hope that Jake will not miaow his ickle head off once T goes to Uni. ;-)

    Love how your front garden has exploded into a lush jungle!

  3. Hi Libby welcome back....
    I can see why you loved the garden....a fellow tropical plant lover.
    Your garden looks great, very lush......

  4. 4 years! Wow!
    Welcome back honeybunch...guess what we've got?

  5. That was a great place for your kitty, Jake, to hide, Libby :)

    Happy 4th blogging anniversary, Libby :)

    The garden you visited reminded me of yours, though, as you say, some of your plants are taller :)

    I definitely left a comment on the previous post...guess I didn't sign out properly or something...


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