Thursday, 6 August 2009

4th Blog Birthday Giveaway

In just 21 days I will have been blogging for 4 years!!!! Can you believe that, where has the time gone too! As you cannot come and join me in this celebration, so you would not be able to eat CAKE!!!! I thought I would celebrate the occasion with a 'Giveaway'.

20 Beautiful Butterfly Notelets and Envelopes

A Cruet Set (Salt & Pepper)

Small Hand soaps.

If you would like to be included then please make a comment and tell me why you like my blog, between now and the 26th August!

My niece who joined us on holiday, sent us a beautiful bunch of freesias, I love the scent and they are gorgeous, Thank you so much D.

I have my first Brugmansia Flower....


  1. Because I am nosey and like to know what you are up to ... congratualtions on 4 years of blogging xxxxx

  2. Hmmmmm astounding! I am approaching my 900th post!

    Why do I like visiting your blog......because it is nice to pop in and have a cuppa with a good friend and it usually warmer where you are than it is up ere!

  3. J- thats why I like visiting blogs too!
    N- it isn't warm here at the moment!!!

  4. Congratulations on your 4Th year of blogging! That is quite an accomplishment. Freesias smell delicious and last such a long time. Congratulations also on your first Brugmansia Flower--she is a beauty.

  5. Thank you Morning Glories. I love the scent of fresias plus the brugmansias in the evening smell delicious!

  6. Happy Anniversary coming up........! Here is to many many more happy blogging years....

    I'd love to be included in the draw for the cruet set.....

  7. lilymarlene, I had planned to give the whole lot to whoever was drawn out of the hat, I hope that is OK!

  8. Congrats ! I love your blog because of the diversity of plants in your garden and the seemingly unending amount of energy you seem to have! I am also a stay at home person and I wish I could create half as much as you. Good luck for the year to come. :)

  9. Four years, wow! Congratulations. I love Fresias, they're so pretty and they smell gorgeous.
    I love visiting your blog because I like to hear about what you're up to, you do such a range of things, gardening, crafting, baking/cooking etc. I also like to hear about your cat's antics. I used to have a cat called Jake too, and I would love a ginger tom like Tango.

  10. Congratulations!!!
    i HAVE TO BE TRUTHFUL and say ''have only just found you'' so glad I have too.
    A delightful blog.
    As I love cake/soul feeding feel good chatter,I will bw back for lots more.
    Warm wishes from UK

  11. Congrats on 4 years of blogging. I have loved and enjoyed reading your blog for goodness knows how long now.

  12. I can't believe four years has flown to so fast. So much has happened in those four years.

    Particularly your now jungle garden - what a change!

    Happy blogaversary


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