Saturday, 29 August 2009

More Apologies!!

I will do the draw, I haven't forgotten. We have so much going on!

I had a knee op on the 26th, K moves into her flat this weekend and T was accepted on her course even though she hadn't got the grades, they loved her work! As soon as things calm down I will be back and catch up with you all!

{{{Hugs to you all}}} thank you for your patience.


  1. Hope you're up and about soon, Libby. T must have been disappointed to not get the grades she wanted, but how thrilling that she managed to get on her course anyway. Someone must have used some common sense after seeing how good her work is. Wish her lots of luck from me.

  2. best wishes for the healing and all these transitions. you must be proud of them.

  3. Busy times for everyone in your family!

  4. Its brilliant that the 'girls' are doing so well - you must be very proud of them.

    Take time out - 'life' comes before blogging!


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