Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Normal Service to be Resumed! ( I Hope!)

Well what a summer, I have had....

our first holiday in 5 years and although the weather wasn't the best we had a great time with the girls.

Tori has a couple of medical issues at the mo, but they are being dealt with and hopefully will come to nothing. As I said before, unfortunately she did not get the grades needed to get directly onto her course, but after a grade check and a visit they accepted her anyway! I think she has decided that exams are not the way forward for her! Her course starts Thursday!

Kathryn starts her internship today! After her success at her degree she has gone in a totally different direction and will be working in the support department at Worcester Uni. She has oodles of patience so a good choice, plus one day a week course which will give her a diploma in management, which will count towards an MBA.

The interview was only 10 days ago and since then she has found, furnished and partially decorated a shared house! No rest for the wicked.

The garden has gone from this

to this

it may not have been a brilliant summer for us, but the plants aren't complaining!!!

My knee has had a minor op, hopefully the 'giving way' will cease. I had a major reaction to the anti-inflamatory tablets I was given which set me back, but hopefully the physio-terrorist!!!! will sort me out. They do like to give you pain these physio's!!

The draw for my 4th Blog birthday was picked by my husband and the winner was Lilymarlene, please E-mail me your address and the pressies will be winging there way to you soon.

Currently in flower in the garden..

hopefully I should be blogging on a regular basis now, will be round visiting your blogs this week!!


  1. You certainly have had a busy summer, and your garden has too. What alot of growth those plants have put on.
    You must be very proud of your girl's. They have both done so well.

  2. Busy is the right word, Libby. Wow, that garden of yours looks spectacular. It's a real jungle now, great!

    And both your girls have done great too.

    Good luck with your knee, I hope it mends soon.

  3. Thanks Libby!! What a wonderful surprise....
    Trying to find an e-mail address for you....where do I find it?


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