Monday, 28 September 2009


I haven't been blogging for a number of reasons. I like to take pics for my blog and as you know my camera broke, so I am using K's high spec heavy weight one, which takes amazing pics, but is a bit of a pain to carry round as its so big. Every time I went out the door with my little one I would slip it in my pocket, so you got more 'random' pics! I have to think about taking this one out!
I haven't been able to do much as my knee can't take the extra weight of carrying or walking to far, it still keeps locking which is not only painful but downright annoying!! Although to be fair to the specialist, he never made any guarantees!!
I am currently working hard on building up the muscles in my thigh as they have deteriorated badly, due to me obviously favouring my strong leg over the last year!
Anyway enough moans and groans...

I started to clear out the greenhouse last week as we have had a number of exceptionally chilly nights and it is nearly time for me to bring in my tropicals

the tomatoes had really gone nuts and had I been able to leave them I would probably have got some more toms from them!

most removed, just need hubby to remove the grow bags

remaining tomatoes! I had amazing green growth but not alot of tomatoes this year, I may have to rethink how I grow them!!!

In the small greenhouse I have brought in some of the more tender plants

I also purchased a new one Alocasia Wentii, the upper side of the leaf is green

and the lower is purply green to purply black!

On the bench I use a reptile heat mat, I find they work well as they only heat where things touch. So the gaps in between the plants are cold, whereas underneath the pots are warm!

I intend to buy a larger one and will place it on polystyrene.

In the pond the papyrus has grown beyond all expectation!! The whole of the pond needs to be cleaned out, we do this about once every four years, and this year is it!!

Anyone any idea what this is?? its been growing in my veg bed and I have no idea where it came from, I have just been watching and waiting to see what happens.

Such a beautiful colour at this time of year!!

An Impatiens tinctura flower.

You can see how the leaves have shredded and are now turning yellow, nearly time to tuck them into the greenhouse for the winter!!


  1. All your plants look great. I am in love with the papyrus--how beautiful! I can just imagine the motion when the breeze hits it. The new Alocasia Wentii is very striking. Your mystery plant looks like an alien might pop out of that spiky orb! Watch out! ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear that you're still having alot of trouble with your knee. I don't think you're garden's suffered though, everything is looking great. No idea what the spikey thing is in your veg bed. Perhaps someone more knowledgable will have an answer. I love the papyrus. It must be happy as it looks so healthy.

  3. The spiky thing is definitely a Triffid and it's going to take over the world unless you do something.... anything!.... QUICK!

    Hahaha seriously, I have no idea what it might be. Just don't sit on it, it could be painful. The rest of your garden looks great. I had lots of tomatoes too, and this morning I made a big pot of tomato (and other veg) soup, and now most of it is in the freezer waiting for one of those cold winter days when I need a taste of summer.

  4. I think it might be datura.
    This is what Wikipedia has to say.... and the picture is very similar.

    Datura is a genus of nine species of vespertine flowering plants belonging to the family Solanaceae. Its precise and natural distribution is uncertain, owing to its extensive cultivation and naturalization throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the globe. Its distribution, however, is most likely restricted to the Americas, from the United States south through Mexico, where the highest species diversity occurs.

    Some South American plants formerly thought of as Daturas are now treated as belonging to the distinct genus Brugmansia[1] {this genus differs in being woody, making shrubs or small trees, and in having pendulous flowers}. Other related genera include Hyoscyamus and Atropa.

    Let me know if I'm right!!!!


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