Thursday, 1 October 2009

Greenhouse Preparation!

I have had to make this a two day operation, which is enormously frustrating for me as this is easily a one day job and that would have been both greenhouses as well!

The big one before it was cleaned, sits close to silver birch trees so does get that green stuff on it which takes some scrubbing to get off.

Afterwards having been 'jet washed' and scrubbed with a brush, inside and out, quite sparkling now!!

The next day I bubblewrapped it, I am quite meticulous on labelling each sheet as I take them off so they are easy to fit the next time. Its a fiddly job and requires

stupid little green twiddly things to attach it to the greenhouse and obviously alot of going up and down the ladder! This did my knee no favours. But its done now so if we have a sudden frost, we can whip the plants in and they will be fine!

The chimney sweep has been today so we can light up anytime!!


  1. Look at you, all prepared for winter. I've still got my tomatoes in my greenhouse. Still, it won't take as long to sort out as your's, it's only 6X4.

  2. Nice. It does look like you're prepared for winter. It's amazing how simple a thing a greenhouse it, yet it's like having a different world within.

  3. Looking good! Very industrious. Well done!


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