Thursday, 29 October 2009

Not Been in the Mood!

For quite a long while now I have just not felt like blogging or visiting blogs, its been getting to the stage when all I do is sit at a computer. This is not doing me or my knee any favours!
Its not I don't love finding out what you are all up to, I do, and I miss seeing whats going on but.................. I'm sure you know what I mean!!

Anyway, autumn was fast approaching

the caster oil plant has put out more flowers than ever before
and we even had the Rayburn lit,

and our only tree has decorated itself in autumn colours.

The greenhouse has been wrapped up

the foil is 2 survival blankets I bought off Ebay for a very good price, the back of the greenhouse is always chillier so I thought this might help insulate, as well as reflecting light!
Then 2 weeks went by and we have been hit by a heat wave, at night it has been 13C and the silly sparrows are nest building!! So the Rayburn is out, the windows are open and we await winter again!

But this allows me to view beautiful skies

and find hidden flowers in the garden!


  1. I only manage to go around blogging-land once a month now, Libby. I do my post, then visit my friends and leave a comment.

    Your photos are the sky... :)

  2. Hi Libby....we all understand....we should only blog when we want or need to....

    I feel really sorry for the wildlife...the weather is so odd this year, I am sure they are even more confused than I am.....

    The greenhouse looks all set for winter.....

  3. I'm the same. I have to limit how long I spend or I get nothing else done.I also like to read blogs when my interest is high. If I leave it til I'm tired I tend to skim them so I save it for when I have a while to browse.

    Anyway...hope you get your "world" in some sort of order soon.....

  4. I don't know where the time goes when I go blog hopping. I can totally relate to spending hours at the computer. I'm with the wildlife, I don't know whether I'm coming or going with the weather we're having.

  5. Hello Libby. Your fatsia looks great! We have one too and I wondered if you have ever split yours to make more plants. They are great architectural plants but get so big! Good to see you post by the way :-) Hope you are ok.


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