Saturday, 31 October 2009

Busy Day!

I have been trying to get myself into gear and motivated again! Most weekends now, is just hubby and I, as T is usually at her boyfirends.
So today we went out to do some shopping and came back with a lovely red rug! Not your usual buy I know but I used to have some red walls and I have recently painted over them as they where annoying me, but we lacked colour in the lounge and I'm a colourful sort of gal! So a rug was needed.

Then we decided as this could be the last decent day for awhile, that we really had to clean out the pond! Neither of us could remember when we last did it but suspect it was probably about 5 years ago.

So we bailed out into water butts and containers most of the pond water, carefully putting the fish into large buckets.

We then attempted to lift out the water lily and struggled badly as it had grown into all the pots and had created a mat of roots about 2-3 inches deep! All of the containers in the next pics where joined together!

We cleverly used two waterbutts, so having bailed some of the water out we where able to lift them to the side of the pond and turn on the taps, which ment all the sludgy stuff was left at the bottom of the water butt.

Anyway as you can see from the pics we managed in the end, and all the sludge and slime was put on the flower beds!

We where then able to do a census of the fish,apologies for the photos the fish where flapping!

1 Large Green Tench. We originally had 2 large ones.

1 Small Green tench.

1 Orfe, which is now getting a bit big for the pond, the net measures about 20 inches so that will give you an idea how big he is!

We have always had a fairly healthy pond and from the beginning have always had baby fish

this is them.

and this chap or chap-ess was not bought by us so must be a home bred and grown!


1 shubunkin, we used to have 3.

1 comet

So a total of 6 large fish and 12 babies. Disappointingly we lost alot during last winter as we used to have 19 very decent sized fish!!


  1. A huge job, but always good to get those out of the way. What a shame to loose some fish, but the ones you have looks nice and healthy. Maybe a fish shopping expedition in your future?

    Love the new red rug. Red is my favorite color, so I am always drawn to anything that color. BTW, I think you have the same couches as we have!

  2. It is such hard work clearing a pond....well done. At least it will not need doing for a while Libby.
    Beautiful fish....they all look healthy.

    Nice rug.....I love red.......

  3. My small pond is waiting for a clean out and tidy up. What a shame to have lost some of the fish, but your pond must be very healthy for you to have babies.

  4. that was a good job jobbed. Your pond seems to be doing well, perhaps it's one of those that thrive on neglect.
    It will be fun to see what you find in another five years! The fish all look great so obviously you are doing something right.


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