Saturday, 3 October 2009

New Best Friend

I thought you would like to meet my new best friend.....

no, sadly she is not mine :o(

she is my neighbours dog, a 'Parsons Jack Russell', and I dog sat her. To be honest I have never liked little dogs, I have always been a Labrador girl.

But this little lady has found her way into my heart! She is such a character!

and she maybe having puppies.
The plus is hubby likes her too!!!!


  1. I think she and Daisy could be friend!!!!! Love from Little Blister xxxx

  2. I see a puppy in your future! Jack Russell's are full of personality, aren't they? Our next door neighbor has one, and he is so much fun--but oh my! So full of energy.

  3. Nice to have a dog around, isn't it? I like it when my grand-puppy Tessa comes for some puppysitting at the weekend, but, like grandchildren, it's nice when she goes home!

  4. I think you should have one, Libby...oh, go on...she's soo cute :)

  5. She is cute Libby I like her to......

  6. Awwwww, so cute! Libby yo aren't branching out into doggies too, are you? You know how devastatingly adorable puppies are. ;-)


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