Thursday, 3 September 2009


Has lived with us for just over a year now! He and Sassy still do not get on and he can be quite mean to her! But we just split them up and give him a squirt of water!

He has changed alot whilst with us, he stayed in a cattery and when he came home he seemed to have grown.

He brought his first mouse in! Well not that you could call it a mouse it was so small.

He still uses the litter tray and the vet says we may never get him off it!!

He never visits his old home whilst both Sassy and Tango do!

He goes outside alot.

He also shouts at us!! Tango and Sassy talk to us but Jake seems to shout, quite funny really.

and he can always be found in unusual places !!


  1. Jake LIKES you! I love seeing him in the dryer. What a riot. Obviously a cat of much personality, and of liking things his way... period. Fun to visit your "house!"

  2. Awwww, bless him. I used to have a 'Jake'. He was black and white too. I love to hear about your cat's antics. I can see that they all have their own individual personalities.


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