Saturday, 4 July 2009

Heddington & Stockley Steam Rally 2009

This weekend is the local Steam Rally. It has been going years and has only been cancelled a couple of times due to torrential rainfall.
There is always lots going on. My favourite our the tractor pullers, lots of noise and powerful machines and men in overalls lol!!!
The local news says this
What I miss is the traction engine parade, they used to camp in the field up the road from us then start off at 8.30 and chugg round the village to the event, my girls loved this when they where young, sadly they don't do this anymore!!

All images can be found on Flickr here and belong to David Batchelor I hope he doesn't mind me using them especially as I have linked back to him and named them as his! They are not mine!!


  1. I used to love going to traction engine rallies when I was first married. The noise and the smell - the fairground - the vibrant colours

  2. I remember going to many steam events, and traction engine rallies when I lived in England, loved all the history, and as you say.... those men in overalls! I hope you have lots of wind for the kite flying.

  3. Mr P and I always took the children to steam rallies.....such fun and a great day out......

  4. There's always a steam rally here at August bank holiday. It's many years since I've attended it though, as I now work on a weekend.

  5. Hi Libby, in case you didn't see my blog, just thought you might like to know we are hoping to move to a bungalow. we offered a week ago, surveyor has been in already. Will be odd to think of leaving our home of 36 years, but there is a garden (that is mostly paved, but that can be remedied!) that faces roughly south west, which is a big plus factor!

    Won't be updating about it much on the blog as it's still all at the scary and uncertain stage. But Brodie cat is keeping us sane by sitting on us and purring! ;-)

    Hugs from Liverpool

  6. Sounds like great fun, Libby. I've been to see such an event once or twice myself but they are not often held in my country.


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