Friday, 9 May 2014

6 days later!

I haven't been outside for awhile, I have been ill........ again!!!! I have the lowest immune system going, something the doc, will look into.

Anyway I pootled down the garden this morning, camera in hand and look......

hasn't it grown quickly, there are another four this side of the Trachy and two the other, going to be an exciting year. If the flowers grow upward its a girl if they droop its a boy there are also colour differences as well but it can still be difficult to tell. Tee hee.

Meanwhile the tree fern is about to burst forth.

The beautiful Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' is also flowering, I am not holding the leaf it has turned itself to reveal the flower.

I have a new Podophyllum as well but you will have to wait to see it at the Open Garden. I think they are my current favourites at the moment.
T-Rex is not as far on as I had hoped, I think we have been having air frosts, poor thing looks half dead!

Down by the pond the Rheum is doing loads better than the Gunnera

Just look at the size of the leaves compared to my hand.

In the greenhouse at long last the bananas are on the move, phew, I was getting worried.

Just a few more pics of things growing

Back soon.


  1. Glad to see all that nice growth in your garden Libby!

  2. bumbled in here, hopping around blogland . just wanted to say well done on the banana growth, a fair achievement here in the Uk! I tried a while ago but wasnt successful.

    Leanne x


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