Thursday, 25 February 2010

Things to Finish!

I have been rather unwell, a really bad gastric bug which no one else got, and lasted alot longer than your average 24hours (4+days) and to be honest totally wiped me out.
But I am getting better.

On the Potting Shed forum instead of organising a bag make or a knit this or a sew that, we have decided to organise a 'things to finish' by the end of March. Which I thought was a really good idea. So many of us have a number of things 'on the needles' or need that push to 'decorate this' or 'dig that' so a fewof us have signed up for it.

I have a shawl I have been knitting for *~ months and

a top for me which has been on going for about as long,

plus I really must get the veg beds dug over.

So as I don't work I have chosen to try and finish 3 things, even if I don't finish them, I hope to be alot further along than I was when I started, if you get my drift!!


  1. Lovely to catch up with you again - I must 'follow' your blog so that I don't lose you.

    I hope you are feeling so very much better - its dreadful being unwell isn't it and takes so much longer to recover in the winter.

    I think I will follow your line and finish something -but I have to start it first!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed projects.... don't let me down now!!!! Now that you have declared to the whole bloggin' world that you are trying to finish all 3 things by the end of March, you have to deliver. But I notice that you just said March, you didn't give a year....... :-)


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