Monday, 20 December 2010

Garden in the Snow

It still remains cold with the threat of more snow today. Darcy seems to love the snow, I have only been down the garden a couple of times to check on the greenhouse, but the garden is covered in paw prints!!!

The Cordyline and bamboo have been brought close to the house, which we hope will offer some kind of protection.

The Trachy, was seriously bent over the other day, so I shook off the snow, well the ones I could reach.

This is the veg bit

Frozen Kale and Brussels

In the greenhouse I have so many layers of insulation, its unbelievable, bubble wrap, then round the north side is survival blankets, plus draped across the roof some fleece. I also popped in one of the tube heaters last night and it seems to have a far more even temp.

I have run out of plug sockets, even though I have one more tube heater, so may bring the baby TRex out of the propagate and into the house to free up a socket if needed.

I brought both my tree ferns in this year, as I lost all of mine last year, so I am down and watering quite regularly. Only problem is the water butts are frozen so I have to lug the water down from the house!!

Bananas in big sacks, and the one in the big pot was enormous this year!!

from the greenhouse looking up the garden.

We wrapped the banana on the patio this year!


  1. Hi Libby, looks like your garden is well protected. Every little helps with the greenhouse insulatation, even a thin cotton sheet helps keep the warmth in :)

    What happened with your DA's last year, did you lose them all to the winter?

  2. They where outside with their crowns stuffed, but they didn't grow back!! We had some exceptionally low temps for a long period of time, think thats why they snuffed it!!!!

  3. Your garden even looks gorgeous in the winter and your greenhouse - so lush

    Have a great Christmas and New Year

  4. It looks like you've got everything well protected. Archie likes the snow too until it gets in between his toes and then he cries.

  5. A merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and garden fun filled 2011, Libby!

    Hope your lovely garden will survive the onslaught of this bitterly cold winter we're having. Looks like you've done all you could to protect your tropical plants. Keeping fingers crossed that every one of your plants will survive!

    Yolanda and the Bliss Team

  6. The garden looks so interesting in the snow.... but I hope the very cold temperatures don't affect it too much.
    And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yoiur family!


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