Saturday, 9 July 2011

Where is Summer?

Here we are in July and you would think that the weather would be more sunshine than showers. Since we did all the work last week all we have had is rain, rain and more rain. I shouldn't complain because we have had very little rain. I think we are protected by a hill at the back of Heddington.
Anyway this has definately helped the garden no end, especially as the temps have stayed up too. I can see how much everything has grown in just a week. I hope you can too.

Bearing in mind my garden is only 13ft wide, I have alot of walls and fences that really should be covered, I have been reluctant to grow stuff up them because when ever they have needed replacing (we don't own either boundary) the work is always done from my side as both neighbours have very well established hedges. I don't like hedges as they need a large amount of maintenance and also take up a considerable amout of room (which I don't have). In this next pic you can see a rather pretty clematis in a pot, I think I shall be brave and plant it behind the stripped banana and encourage it up the fence.

If I knew a passion flower would survive I would much prefer one of these, I have 3 in the greenhouse which I got from a Gardeners World Mag offer for just the cost of postage, I may keep them in pots and lift them in and out of the greenhouse for winter. The big problem with pots is the need for watering in the summer, not a problem when I am here but when I go on holiday, I have to remind my garden carer to water the pots!

The side bed is coming on, just wait a few months and we will see a huge difference.

My Brugs took a hammering this year even though they where in a heated greenhouse. I am please this one is in flower, I do love them, magnificent blooms and the scent is heavenly.

Right at the back of the greenhouse which when full can be difficult to get too, I had a row of 3 Brugs which had (I thought) died! 2 I threw but one just ended up being left as I had other things to do and to my surprise it has come back from the roots. I wish I hadn't thrown the others!

My TRex in a pot is doing really well now!

The Maurelli with the rotten middle doesn't seem to be faring too badly! Another view down the patio, I do love this part of the garden

last but not least Mr Darcy, he is having a great time at the moment, chasing flies!

Two of my cats are getting on a bit now and Tango spends most of his life sleeping as does Sassy. Jake, our adoptee, is very much an indoor cat and rarely ventures out. I miss Chimarnie alot as he was always with me when I was out in the garden!


  1. Your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous - and Mr Darcy is such a darling and looks like a really comical and friendly character.

  2. Thankyou Lottie. Mr Darcy is a very comical character, I have never known a dog like him!!

  3. The garden is looking lush and lovely with all that rain Libby! Hopefully the weather will improve this week at least, and get a decent stretch of sunny, warm days again! Mr. Darcy is adorable :)

  4. Hi Libby, Came across your blog, searching for someone who lives in or near Heddington, Wiltshire. Your garden is amazing! And, being a cat lover myself, I adore the photos of your furry friends! Please email me, and I will reply and explain why I have an interest in Heddington.

  5. I love those Brugmansias.... saw some gorgeous ones in flower at Allan Gardens greenhouse in Toronto last week.


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