Sunday, 3 July 2011

Quandary Sorted!!

I wasn't supposed to be tackling this quite so soon, but when your gardening loving daughter comes home unexpectedly and hears what your planning, then says 'do you want a hand' you do not turn her down!
So about 4pm in the afternoon we started and by 7pm we had finished, more or less.

The path has been re-routed and relaided, the old man was purchased at the Local Steam Rally. We have kept most of these plants in pots as to be honest this suits us better as we will have to either move them in to the greenhouse or further up the patio for winter!

the bay has been kept for the time being and edged with bricks, which needs to be finished. We will see how it grows and wether it gets in the way or not! The bamboo and T-rex maybe swapped once our coal is delivered. I found another huge pot at the back of my shed so I will probably split this bamboo.

the arch has been removed and put further down the garden which we believe has opened up the view, with the eye being drawn to the Indian Bean tree.

the bay which I will keep well clipped and eventually hope I can cut it to hide the pre-packed coal

which will be stored here and in a couple of weeks will have 10 - 20 bags here ready for winter!

the finished result

I hope you all think it is an improvement we are very pleased as it means you can't see down the whole garden.


  1. Its great to see your garden under-way, especially after such a hard winter. Keep up the good work...

  2. You're so ready for the summer now Libby, love the improvement! And yes you must never turn down help offered even if it meant you have to do much sooner than expected :) Keep up the lovely work!


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