Wednesday, 29 June 2011

In a Quandary

Well I have been working here,

but before I show you let me show you these

my alpine beds planted up, quite pleased

be much better when they have spread out

no I didn't plant him, thats his favourite spot, bless him.

Anyway back to where I was working, you may remember it had a trellis with a rampent Jasmine growing up it and also my baytree, which died this last winter.

I planned to clear it all away get rid of the stump, encourage the jasmine to go along the fence, then do one of 3 things, stack the pre-packed coal here or move the T-rex and the bamboo here or re-route the path so we couldn't see right down the garden.
Unfortunately the Baytree lives!!!!!

and under everything I found this chap..

Now what do I do? I am not sure it will put on enough growth to get it through the winter? But I do like the Bayleaves for cooking. Its a nicely sheltered corner so I thought it would be good for the T-Rex oh my goodness, choices..choices!!!!!

Well whilst we decide I sat and had a cuppa and this is my view

and right next to me

its a lovely day, a bit to hot to work though!!


  1. Looks like you had a perfect tropical spot to sit and contempate though

  2. Quite a dilemma indeed. Perhaps keep the bay? If not the T-rex would look good there. You can always start again with a smaller bay tree somewhere else :)


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