Sunday, 30 September 2012

On the Last Day of September

What a bizarre month this has been, wet and miserable. We lit our Rayburn last weekend!!! If I recall we have only lit it in September once before and we have had it 21 years!

Anyway the  greenhouse is all insulated and I have moved some plants in already.

My Bromelaids

K's melon

Bougainvillea,the colours on these are amazing, so vivid.

I am very pleased with my Butia, as this looked like it had, had, it earlier in the year. But with a lot of help and support from the Hardy Tropical Forum it seems to have pulled through.

Out in the garden we have had one or two air frosts but nothing too significant. As you can see all is still well and growing.

Except the Black Eyed Susan,looking sad now!

The Passion Flower is still going well. Hopefully over winter I shall add trellis or wires for it to grow along.

The Ricinus has decided to grow and is only now, taller than the fence!

George can just be seen, amongst the leaves. I must remember to bring him inside.

Washingtonia Filfera has grown loads this year, he is currently very well sheltered, but another one to be brought in.

The Trachycarpus still pushing out spears. This has been a fantastic year for it, seems to have loved all the rain.

Finally my living wall. I am totally and utterly thrilled with how this has done this year. After the dodgy start it seems to be doing well. I am going to undo the irrigation system over the winter, I am hoping it will help protect the plastic pipes.for next year. I am on the look out for a long spouted watering can, in case it needs watering at any time. Now we just have to  see how it over winters. Fingers crossed.


  1. Fantastic Libby. I'm especially impressed with your living wall. It's grown really well.

  2. The living wall has come on well and looks very nice Libby! And you're quite ahead with your winter preparation too :)


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