Sunday, 14 October 2012

Winter Bed Time, has arrived

We had 1.9C last night quite a white out, So decided as we had an extra pair of strong arms (K's boyfriend) today was  the day to move everything into the greenhouse
Before we started it looked like this.

The Passionflower is still blooming its little heart out! So pretty.

So dug up, de-leaved (if there is such a word.)

and into the greenhouse it goes. I am a bit concerned because it seems so empty. I'm sure it should be fuller.

So the garden seems empty now. I always hate this time of year! It seems so long till the growing season next year!!!


  1. The greenhouse is now looking lush instead. Roll on spring! :)

  2. Hope you haven't given up on blogging as you haven't posted for a while. But I'm just as bad! I've been a very naughty blogger just recently, what with my internet going horribly wrong and then as soon as it was fixed, the Christmas Variety Show kept me busy and now all the Christmas prep.... however I promise to be better in the future. So Have a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013!

  3. I hope your garden is surviving the winter so far!


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