Sunday, 22 July 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes!

What a difference, this pic was taken last week just before the open garden

This was taken yesterday

The speed the jungle grows once it has warmed up is amazing.

How can you not love these huge leaves.

the 'Living Wall' is coming on too, I am already looking for other plants to swap with ones that aren't doing as well. The biggest problem I have is when I have the irrigation on, people (husband) comes along and switches the tap off because he thinks its dripping! aaargh! We have had words lol!

'George' giraffe, is slowly disappearing.

A couple of very good friends have given us some new fish for our very empty pond. We took the poorly fish to a specialist who says he is actually healing now, so fingers and toes crossed.

Hollyhocks have now bloomed, they are a stunning colour.

Tango hasn't grown, he is just enjoying the sun

Mr Darcy, looking meek. He is not, he is spoilt rotten!

Lots of discussion on whether we should extend the 'Jungle'. Total family split on this. Husband thinks it could look good, daughter says definitely no. We will continue talks, but I need both of them on side as there is some heavy work involved. K follows me in her love of gardening and thoroughly enjoys helping me.

So I respect what she say, as without her, the garden would not have looked as good it did.

Yesterday we had a bar-b-que, lit the chimnea  sat out till dusk. Saw the first stars and bats. It seems along time since we did that, may have to do it again, very soon.


  1. Love your jungle garden it is looking very lush - this awful weather must have helped enormously. George the giraffe is a nice touch.

  2. And now we have warm weather am sure it will keep getting lusher and even more stunning! Glad the fish have settled in. Do come round to try and catch one of the white ones - and others - sometime soon!

  3. The pictures of your Open Garden Day are wonderful! I am so glad that you had a sunny day and all your visitors enjoyed their stroll through the jungle. Where did you get that amazing giraffe? He's super.

  4. Fantastic - you can sit back now and enjoy it yourself

  5. Indeed Libby, what a difference sun and warmth does bring. Looks like summer has finally arrived!

  6. Your garden is looking incredibly lush and green. The warmer weather has made a huge difference as some plants seem to sulk when it is too cool.


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