Saturday, 7 July 2012

Its Raining, its Pouring

No photos this time, as only a week to go. At least it is staying relatively warm and the humidity is doing wonders, I can't believe how quickly plants have been growing. I hope it continues, The T-Rex leaves are ENORMOUS! Maybe I might re-open in September for people to see it at its best? I have more or less decided to get rid of one of the veg beds, they are totally rubbish this year and to be honest have been for a few years even though they have compost and manure added. The smallest one closest to the 'Jungle' is going as it is opposite a cosy seating area. I shall plant the more hardier plants here. I have been given 2 Cardoons so they will go in here. I have an Ensete, that I thought had died last winter so I dug it up and stuck it in a pot and forgot about it. Lo and behold its growing like crazy so that will probably go in here. I will be picking peoples brains for ideas, so be prepared. Anyway, that's more for the future, today we are clearing the plant pots, why do we hang on to so many, and tidying up by the greenhouse. Brushing the patios to remove the green etc etc I wonder if it will be dry on the day?


  1. I have been thinking of you and your coming open day - and with all this humid jungle weather we have been having - it's perfect for your jungle garden.

    Have a wonderful day next weekend

  2. Sounds a lovely idea Libby!

    Good luck for next weekend hope the weather is kind :)

  3. Good luck with the weather and the garden visitors on the 15th, I will be thinking of you! I hope you'll take some pics and tell us what the visitors say about your wunderful jungle.

  4. I hope the 15th will be fine for you, and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos.
    hugs xx


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