Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bored now!

We had a fantastic day, the weather was glorious and we had a good amount of people.

George the Giraffe was happy and greatly admired.

The pics are in no particular order, but all taken on the day

I did move the watering can, honest! lol!

Tango was amazing, he went round and convinced everyone that nobody had fussed him!

The sun came out

So very pleased with the pond area.

Then the people came

Found places to sit and drink 'Pimm's'. Tango enjoyed all the attention he got.

Then they all went home, we went out and had a bar-b-que with all the other 'Open Garden' owners, which was super. Last night all Garden owners visited each others gardens, which was fun. Yes it poured with rain.
Today I am bored!!!

So took hubby down the garden and told him my suggestion for this area.

This veg bed has not grown well for quite a few years now, so I thought I could remove the gravel path. Open up the raised edges and dig over the whole area and extended the jungle area.

I will move the trough of bamboo to the end of this bed by the bench, which will be moved further down.
I could then extend the jungle bed. It will be wider which I think will be amazing...

Hubby said.............. NO! ............. obviously I need to work on him lol!!!


  1. Your garden looks amazing and so glad you has a sunny day - it must be great to have people to admire your hard work and enjoy the garden too. I bet you open it again next year

    It's probably quite an anticlimax now the open day has been and gone - so only natural you'll be looking for something else to do in the garden. I expect hubby has to save up more pennies before he can fund your next project

    Well done you

  2. bravo! and I love George too!

  3. Your garden looks fantastic - so good that the sun came out and people did not have to walk around under umbrellas.
    I like your Bamboo trough - mine is in a rather scrappy black pot which is nowhere near as attractive.

  4. The garden is looking fab Libby, and well done on your open day!! Glad that the weather cooperated too, most of the time anyway :)


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