Friday, 17 August 2012

2nd Opening

I must be mad but have agreed to open again 2nd September, 2pm - 5pm. Alot of people wanted to see how big it all grew.So I hope we get a good attendance.
I, as you know only have a small 'Jungle Plot' I would love to grow them through out the garden but the temps further down the garden vary so greatly to the patio that I would lose too much. My Basjoo, is nothing like as big as it has got in past years and neither are my Maurelli's. I have made a list for what needs to be moved into the greenhouse over winter and its HUGE, sadly my greenhouse is not. So the house and hubbies office are going to have to take a certain amount of overflow. Unless I can come up with a plan for temporary winter quarters.
I thought about putting a poly tunnel over the whole of the patio area and heat it with the excess heat from my Rayburn ( as we have lots of that) just not sure the neighbours would be too impressed. Any other ideas?

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