Friday, 20 March 2009


I am sorry about changing my blog again so soon. The reason is becuase since I've been using hubbies computer and its not loaded in my favourites I can never find it! Unless I go in through 'Blogger'. So if I can't find it how can other people?

When I had 'Woodlands World' I was usually somewhere on the first page of a Google Search, and infact when I changed it last, my sister said 'why didn't you do a Woodlands World 2'!
Basically because I didn't think about it thats why!!!!!! Doh!

So here we are! I promise not to change again until I run out of photo space again!!

So whilst I am without my computer this is where I sit, with hubbies laptop.

I love it, whilst its been warm I have the French Doors wide open, its bright and cheerful and I can sit back and enjoy the view! I love it soooooooooo much I might even get rid of my big huge computer and get a laptop!!

the bonus is I always have company!!


  1. I found you too! - I love my lappie - wouldn't ever go back to a desktop now.......... does your wi-fi stretch to the garden?????!!!!!

  2. Ooo I had never thought of going out into the garden with the lap top, how cool, I will let you know :o)

  3. What a cosy room to blog in, and a nice view to boot..!
    Blogging in the garden, now there a concept. Perhaps I'll have to get a laptop too..!

  4. Found you too Libby, no worries about moving blog, I'm sure everyone will find you again! I'm always sat in the teensy study on our desktop PC, but we're hoping to get a laptop some time this year, and the concept of sitting outside surrounded by Brug flowers in the evening, surfing the net on all things tropical planty really excites me. We're a weird bunch ain't we!

  5. I have had a lappy for a few years now....wouldn't be without it.

    Love your new page too:D

  6. I'll update the link... would hate to lose you in space somewhere. Nice view though the french Doors down the garden. No snow!

  7. I had lots of difficulty trying to leave a comment.... almost had to sell my soul to the devil to get it to accept what I had written.

  8. That looks the perfect place to visit and browse blogland!!


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