Sunday, 29 March 2009

Its All Happening in the Greenhouse

The seeds I planted at the beginning of the week are popping through! This is the advantage of having a heat mat!

Ailsa Craig tomatoes



Roma the plum ones,

I even planted some beetroot for a laugh and blow me they have come through!!! I love beetroot, especially with salad cream in sandwiches!!!!

Gardeners Delight

In the Tropical Greenhouse I thought I would show you how the bananas are coming along...

Tandara Red

Sikki Red

Cavendish Red

Ensete Ventricosom

The tag from this one has disapperared, why do they do that??

The next 3 are my Ensete Ventricosom Maurelli's, although the last one looks pretty dead!!!

The Trex has started off with its first leaves!

and the flippin Gunnera as well, I'm having to fleece this each night now!!

So we're off, its started the season of gardening, lets hope its a good one!!!


  1. Yay!!! And it's sunny!!!

    My Maurelii looks like your last one Libby, but if you peel back the old leaf bases it's totally healthy underneath, so it must still be alive. I just don't know where it's gonna grow from, as the top looks a bit frizzled!!!

    Great to see everything's coming to life!!!

  2. Beetroot and salad cream sandwiches, - just the best :o)

  3. Libby lots happening in your greenhouse! New beginnings!!!


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