Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I gave myself a very serious talking to yesterday as both my husband and daughter reminded me that they would be home on holiday in just 10 days!!!!
This is basically to help me set up two more veg beds! So I thought I had better get some seed planting done.

So I have started, we have

Tomato Roma, a plum tomato
Tomato Sungold, my absolute favourite
Tomato, Moneymaker
Tomato, Gardeners Delight
Tomato, Ailsa Craig
Sweet Pepper, Californian Wonder
Coleus , hopefully for my jungle bed
Spring Onion,
Red Basil
Green Basil
I have put some potatoes into a pot and left it in the greenhouse.
I have planted some lily of the valley
Dwarf Iris bulbs I was given
Spiraea bush, also a gift.

Tomorrow I shall go and do abit more.

I haven't gone totally bonkers, planting so many tomatoes, I am fortunate to have two big greenhouses, so I plant extra and sell the excess.


  1. Great stuff Libby, kinda sad but seeing a heat mat filled with seeds ready to germ. really gets me excited!!! Just so excited to see all these little babies wake up and grow! I've been doing a load of seed posts lately on my blog, and have spent a couple of evenings in the greenhouse sowing. Should be able to get them all done this weekend, and then I'll start on the next lot!

    Will you be starting any exotic bulbs this year?

  2. Lovely! I'd like to follow your lead and plant some seeds but I don't have a greenhouse and it's far too cold outside, the earth is still frozen solid!

  3. Brilliant - you have been industrious - lots of lovely crops to look forward too!

  4. Wow, you are hard to keep track of. You need to come back to SlogBite and enter this site. Anyways, the old badge that you had is has been upgraded to a brand new logo. And, now we have new widget for "A" listers. In fact the official launch is scheduled for 4/2/09.

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance.


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