Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In the Garden

Its only 4 days now till everyone starts there holidays here and work can get on in the garden. At the weekend hubby and I where supposed to be starting. Getting some preperation work done ahead of this. But sadly he wasn't feeling to well and after a visit to the docs yesterday he has 'Uvulitis', not pleasant, its where the Uvula (wiggly thing at the back of the throat), swells, greatly!!!!
I am not surprised, he is unwell as he has been working soooooooo hard, and when he works this hard then starts to slow or take holiday he usually is ill!

As it was such a lovely day I decided to get on with the work myself!! Always a dangerous option, as I tend to throw myself in with great gutso! and regret it later.

This is what needed clearing

in preperation for putting the new veg bed here!

You will be pleased and surprised to hear I did small barrow loads with bending mixed in with standing and stretching, and achieved this....

the large slab and concrete block thingy where I felt beyond the limits of my back so I have left them for others to lift! Quite pleased with this!! and only a little achy!!!

Then as I walked up the patio I spied this, my Camellia

I think I must have had this about 2 years now. My neighbour had one which I admired so I bought a little cheapy one, planted it in eracacious soil, watered only with rainwater, it has sat on my south facing patio, under the kitchen window against the wall with no protection what so ever!!!

I am thrilled.

The only problem is, it should have looked like this.........

should I complain??? Maybe but its is such a lovely colour!

A small package arrived from Jungle Seeds a favourite shop of mine, being they have the 'tropical' variety of seeds available!

I have only bought 4 this year as I am trying to get to the stage of 'permenant planting'!

So here we have

Impatiens Jungle Gold "Busy Lizzie", its an annual

pretty, isn't it?

This I grew last year

I know it says give it something to climb up, what nonsense, its a 'clinger' and covered easily 3 x 6ft by 6ft fence panels, such pretty flowers too...

The next two are the staple of any tropical garden, relatively easy to grow but give instant height and huge leaves in one season. A great filler.... which I will need as my bananas where decimated this year!!

Right, things to do, seeds to plant, finalise plans, food to buy etc etc

PS sorry about the spelling I forgot to check it before posting!!!!


  1. You are SO AMBITIOUS! and I am SO ENVIOUS!
    My back yard and flower bed area is still icy cold and there's even some snow lying about under the bushes. But soon, I hope, I'll be out there getting ready for summer!!
    The camellia is gorgeous, but quite a surprise!

  2. Seeing as I live not far from Shammickite, ditto for my garden.
    You did a good job clearing the veggie bed, hopefully you didn't ache too much the next day. Hope hubby is recovered..?

  3. Great work Libby - I'm finding it easy to sow seeds and pot up bulbs at the moment, but there's a border I'd like to try and clear ASAP but I keep putting it off and can't motivate myself to do it because I don't know where the plants currently in it should go. I'll jut have to plant them wherever there's a space - as you say the hols are approaching, so hopefully I'll be able to get it done during the hols.

    Some nice seeds you've got there - I think I've gone a bit seed mad this year but hopefully I'll be able to keep them all going during Summer! If all these seeds I'm sowing take off the garden's gonna look great in Summer, weird that it never works like that though does it lol!

  4. My, you've been busy! We are just not getting the weather on the right days! Even had some snow today! I hope to get out this weekend. I haven't seen a camellia at my house, yet, but have seen them at just a little lower elevation. SOon, I think.

    I don't know if you saw the tropical I posted for you on March 11th? I see why you enjoy them so much!

  5. I like the look of the Cobea. I might give it a try. Hopefully this comment will get through to you!


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