Friday, 3 April 2009

Greenhouse, Pond and Kitten & Chicken Sitting!

I try and get out and 'do' at least an hour each day in the garden, breaking myself in gently. Yesterday, I planted more seeds and generally moved things around, as the seeds come through I take them off the heat mat and put them on the rack.

I am keeping this greenhouse a bit warmer than I normally would, so the seedlings don't go into total shock when they come off the heat mat!

The flower from my previous post looking out of the greenhouse window!!!

I then moved onto the pond. We run the pump all year round as we find it helps. But it had slowed alot and needed a good clean out! Normally a job hubby does, but when needs must!!

I forgot to take a before photo, but rest assured it was pretty choked up. It took me a couple of hours to clean out all the filters in the box and the filter thingy in the pond.

but the next day, wow! what a difference I can see to the bottom now!

and boy do I need to get the pond vac in there. I think, if I remember correctly that this is the year we empty it and give it a good clean, but that won't be till the autumn.

This is our 'Orfe' he is huge now and I think we may need to look at finding him a new home!

There are no tadpoles left as I suspect he has eaten them all :o(

This last week I have been chicken and kitten sitting! Well they are not really kittens anymore, about 6 months old, but compared to mine they are kittens.

This is 'Ripple' very extrovert, and attention seeking, into everything up to no good, but so sweet and a 'purr' like an engine.

Now this little lady 'Ruffle' gave mean a few more grey hairs this week. Although inquisitive and fairly adventurous, she is shy. So I usually have to go and check to see she is in and this is where she spends her time, under the bed. Obviously my neighbour hoovers under her bed!!!!

Monday night I saw her down the garden and she refused point blank to come in.
Tuesday morning dived in to let them and the chickens out but I was rushed this day so didn't actually see her!
Tuesday night, no sight nor sign of her. I do like to set eyes on them at least once a day to check they are still in the neighbourhood! So I went back later, checked all the hidey holes and nothing! Now I am getting a bit frantic! The farmer had been down the lane with the chain harrow and it does make quite a noise so I wondered if she had been spooked as neither of them have seen this before!
23.00hrs I am walking round the fields calling and calling. Checking all the neighbours sheds. etc.

How on earth do I tell my neighbours I have lost their kitten. I know strictly I haven't lost her, but you know what I mean, I'm responsible!

I hardly slept and was up at the crack of dawn to check, and there she was under the bed! Phew!!!

and the bonus is I have had lots of lovely eggs!

I miss my chickens!


  1. Your greenhouse looks like mine - all lined with bubble wrap! Glad you found the cat - always a worry when you are responsible for them.

  2. I'm just in the process of installing a small wildlife pond in my garden. Your pond is looking nice and clean.

  3. Great to hear things are coming on well - you've done a good job of the pond, too! Am hoping to get some more seeds sown/potted on over the hols, need to get things going before it's too late!

    What gorgeous kitties - Ripple looks so sweet!

  4. I'm glad the cat turned up! When we first got our two I was hyper paranoid when they weren't there first thing in the morning wanting food or we hadn't seen them between coming home and going to bed... lol I still am I guess and they're almost two years old now... Thankfully they rarely give me cause to worry... ;)

  5. Libby,
    I'm so glad your neighbor's cat came back! I probably would not let them out of the house, but then I tend to be a worry-wart. It's fun to see the photo of the cat with the chickens. Very cute!

  6. Your pond does look good. We have fish in one and tadpoles in a smaller pond - both have been stripped bare of weed! We need to do some work this week :-) Gardening programs always make me smile when they mention bindweed; often they say you should dig it all up but who wants to uproot half the garden! We break the stems and paint a tiny dap of tumbleweed on the end. Good luck with yours, would be interested to know how you deal with yours :-)


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