Friday, 24 April 2009

Paulownia tomentosa

Also known as the 'foxglove tree'. If allowed to continue growing it has the most beautiful flowers.

Why do I tell you this?

Because I have four,


I noticed they had started to bud


I cut them off just above the bottom bud!

When I first did this last year I nearly had heart failure, but doing this encourages it to grow and produce nice large leaves.

This is how one looked last year......

Hopefully they will be bigger this year and apparently they can reach 3 ft across and you hear the leaves hit the deck when they drop off!


  1. WOW you could eat dinner off a leaf that size!
    Have you ever let one flower?

  2. Thats neat, we got a paulownia but it didn't even make it to 3 feet this year. It will be coppiced in the spring and the part we cut we'll stick in a pot and plant in a better spot of give to my aunt. (They have no trees)


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