Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Meanwhile in the Garden

The pond is looking really good, I cleaned out the pump a few eeks ago and having the UV light really helps although we still get some blanket weed, but not to the extent we used too.

Our only concern is the fish! Where have they gone? We do have a heron round and about but we always keep the pond netted, and there where plenty of fish in there when I cleaned the pump out, all I can see now is the huge 'Orfe' and nothing else!!!

The gunnera is growing quickly too, I think it benefitted from all the rain we had last year, I wonder how long it will be before it ttakes the fence out!!

The Hydrangea Petiolaris - Climbing Hydrangea, also seems to have benefitted from the rain, it has masses of flower buds on it.

This is one plant I could grow up the north side of the house, and was very tempted to, but what put me off is it clings like ivy does and being an old house I would hate the brick work to get damaged!

My Tetrapanax papyrifer, T-rex for short has come through the winter

and looks like it is going to take off this year!!

Further up the garden, two little alliums I got at a plant sale last year, I love alliums.

The flower bed opposite the veg beds is having a 'green' moment, I will have to find something jolly to plant in there for this time next year. Any suggestions.

I dug over the next bed up and added manure to it, I know I shouldn't have but it is a relatively easy dig

and please note I have not dug the last couple of days!!!

My peas have had to be fleeced, because of the frost we have been having

and I have planted seed in further up to stagger the picking season, we hope!


  1. Everything is looking great and springing back into life. Your pond looks good, I hope the fish are still there.

    I've got Alliums in bud in my garden too. I have never grown them before so I'm looking forward to them coming into flower.

  2. Hi could be right about the heron.....seems strange that you can only see the orfe.....

    My gunnera is huge this did get a touch of frost damage last night......
    I think you are right about the rainy summer last year....everything here is full of buds.....compensation for the lack of sunshine.......

  3. It is a coincidence that you would post this today. I had an email from my cousin in Worcs. this morning. They were in the house when they saw a heron standing on their pergola eating one of their large goldfish.
    Fortunately it didn't get the koi,(at 12" they think perhaps it was too big).They have covered the pond with netting, and put up some bird scarers. She was very upset as the fish they lost was 7 years old. Your garden looks great and it's nice to see the tropicals coming along so well.
    (the verification word here is WUSTR..LOL)

  4. Perhaps the Heron can reach through the netting? It could be cats (mine ate all our fish) but would expect to find bits of fish lying around if it was them. You need a secret camera!
    I like the Tetrapanax papyrifer. I thought it was tender so have avoided it so far.

  5. Your garden is really exploding with energy! And you seem to have had nice sunny weather too. I have lots of garden work to do, but I'm using my involvement in this week's Variety Show as an excuse not to do it just yet. However, next week the show will be history, so I'll have to get cracking on the garden work, no excuses.

  6. Fabulous Libby, really fab. All being well I will be attempting somethiing similar in the near future but think Spring's best 'cos the results are so fast, so gratifying. Been thinking about you since you last left a message on mine. liZZie x


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