Sunday, 12 April 2009

Part 1, finished 'ish'

This should have been on the blog yesterday, but unfortunately we had no telephone line!

I am very pleased with this. I need to sort out the gravel. To be honest the gravel is a pain but it is what we can afford. It has a layer of soil under it now, so I shall sit down and riddle it to get the soil out and then pop it back. Yes it will be a long job but it will look good. Give me a chance to clean it abit as well.

We move on to the new beds lower down the garden, I am hoping they can get them set up by tomorrow, then all that is needed is soil and then I can plant!!!!!!


  1. It's looking great. Well worth all that hard work.

  2. Tis looking good - I hope you make some time to just sit and admire it all


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