Monday, 20 April 2009

Greenhouse & Strawberry Patch

Things are really beginning to move in the greenhouse. I haven't got the bubblewrap off yet, but I don't think it will be long now.

All the bananas have had fresh compost added and been watered and fed well

and as you can see

they are taking off at a rate.

My banana plantation at the top of the garden and at the bottom where both hit badly but the -10C we had and sadly are no more. They still may come back from the bottom but we will see.

The strawberry patch is now planted, after discussion with my neighbour, about her patch and the fact that she nets them, made me decide to put them here, as it will be easier to build a frame here than in the triangular bed. I used the bark chippings from the chicken run to go around the little plants!

Another of my tulips

and the Lemony coloured one all opened up in the sun!


  1. The leaves on your banana's look really healthy. I don't know much at all about tropical plants.

    I'm hoping to get my strawberries in shortly. They are all still potted up at the moment, but I'm not far off completing the bed where they are to go.

  2. Your 'plantation' is coming along really well.
    I had flirted with the idea of growing veg this year, but now the bunnies are back I'm not sure. It's nice to see your strawbs planted up,they will soon be providing Sundaytea.

  3. Wwwwwwwwwow! Yes things really looking good Libby!
    I am looking after the neighbours chickens this week, we enjoyed the eggs so much we are going to get some hens, when we return from our holiday in June!


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