Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Garden Renovation:- Day 3

Day 3 was yesterday, today is rest day!!

I know we've only been at it a few days, but I have a docs appointment, K has a dental appt, L leaves today, hubby is off to the records office and T is doing an 'Orange Wednesday'
But we still have the whole of the Easter Weekend!

Work is carrying on

under the watchful eye of Tango

they always spend more time outside when we do. This is our old rabbit hutch, which needs another coat of paint, but they love it. Some where in the photo archives, I have a pic of both Sassy and Tango in here together, one either side!!!

The Indian Bean tree which has been moved here came up (worryingly) rather easily! The roots had wound round and round, which is odd as I had dug the bed it was in very well. This time we have spread the roots out more.
I am buying some gravel boards to create a raised bed around the tree and will put my chives and other herbs in there. Obviously the gravel will also be topped up!
As you can see we are reusing slabs etc, rather than buying new and I'm sure once they are cleaned up and the furniture painted and put on here it will all look lovely!
I am very pleased !!!


  1. I like the Orange Wednesday concept~as it is always much more fun to go to the cinema with someone else.

    The rabbit hutch with Tango in it is cute!

    Your garden is getting better and better Libby. Here I am also having a garden renovation. The flower borders are 5 years old and needed some rejuvenation, so I've dug out many plants, divided them up and put one part back in again. I also bought some new plants and bunged them in as well. And I'm extending my potager so hedges needed to be moved, new paths laid etc.

  2. Libby, you've done so much work. A day of rest is well deserved. As for the tree's roots; think of it as being prepared by the garden fairies who knew you would be moving it at any rate. This time the roots will go exactly where they should, of course, and the tree will flourish. :-)

    Yolanda is right, Tango looks cute in the rabbit hutch. He seems quite content and may even sense that the blue compliments his lovely fur to perfection.

    Have a very Happy Easter Weekend!

  3. Cats make great supervisors don't they.
    The garden is coming along well. We always recycle anything we can in the garden, a quick squirt with the hose or lick of paint and it's as good as new.
    Have a Happy Easter..


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