Sunday, 26 April 2009


Going on in the garden, the new veg beds have had a bag each of compost from the recyle centre and a bag each of farm manure, all dug in and ready to go..

the arches are up with peas (hardened off) on the right and beans on the left, along the edge I have planted some colourful flower seeds, at the back of the peas I have planted sweetcorn, a whole bed full :o)

the gravel we got from the 'freecycle' site.

He may have more so we will be collecting that Friday if possible!

A view from the other direction

you can just make out that we still need gravel for around the edge of the bed with the peas in!! Eventually we intend to gravel the central path area too but we are currently in no rush as the mower fits up here!

turning round and looking back up the garden and its slowly coming together. An hour a day is not really enough but it will have to do until I get my 'mojo' back!

I have two ferns that grow infront of my shed and I love the way they unfurl in the spring!

at first I thought this was a cowslip but I'm not sure. My daisies and I have rather alot have the biggest flower heads I have ever seen!

My Solomans Seal is up early, I now have to watch out for the caterpillars that will totally decimate this. Last year I beat the little blighters, cos as soon as I saw the first one, I cut the lot right back to the ground, fortunately it was nearly over anyway!

K's sunflowers, I promised her I would put a pic on here so she could see how much they had grown!
Tomorrow provided it doesn't rain too much I will move to the top bed and probably plant some more potatoes! But then again I may put tham in the potatoe bags I bought to grow them in!


  1. Libby your garden is looking lovely.....I really like the changes.....I am looking forward to seeing it in the height of summer.....

    I love ferns to....unfurling is the best time to enjoy them.....

  2. It's all looking really nice. You struck lucky with Freecycle.

    My philosophy exactly, you can't sow enough sweetcorn!

  3. It is all looking very organised and tidy. I'm all for doing a little and often in the garden but I do find that I have much less energy as I get older and it is harder to get in the mood. Of course all this blogging and commenting doesn't help :-)


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