Sunday, 5 April 2009

Work Begins

I am making full use of my daughter and her boyfriend whilst they are here. K enjoys working in the garden, I'm not sure L has ever done this before. I suggested it would be good practise cos if they ever get a house knowing K it will have a garden!

He was very helpful as he picked up the sleepers as if they where 'toothpicks' K & I struggled with just one!! I know before you say, I shouldn't have done it but, so far so good!

We dug out the soil and undid the sleepers. Most of this will be slabbed for the bar-b-que but not all of it.

This gives you a rough idea of how the right hand bed will look. We have laid it out so as not to need to move the path.The incinerator will not be staying there!

This is the left hand bed!

This is the view back up the garden. The bed that is now on the right needs to be moved down a bit. but it gives you the general idea!

We have stopped for today, tomorrow hopefully L & K will lay the slabs for me. We need to dig out some plants and then maybe the day after start screwing the sleepers together!

I would appreciate your feed back on whether you think its ok?



  1. I think it will look great once it is finished and it will give you lots of new growing room which is what you are after.


  2. Oh musical beds - I like having a good move around - sadly can't do that at home but have great fun doing that up the allotment. I can't wait to see it finished - you will have so much more growing space.

  3. Looks good, and will give you more growing room without having to re-do the path etc.
    It's nice to have some muscle to help with the heavy stuff isn't it..!
    Hi Lottie up there...just paid you a visit too..xx

  4. Your garden looks fab! I like the way you've blended the beds into the pathway rather than having them at the end of the garden. It will look great when everything has grown up and across!

  5. Looks great Libby!!! There's a border near the lounge window in our garden that, while nice, only contains a few plants, such as a paeony, crocosmia, lily of the valley, london pride etc., and doesn't provide much interest apart from the odd two week period. I'm hoping to get the plants dug out of the this bed and have the soil ready and dug over during the holidays, but I just can't motivate myself to do it at the moment! Nevertheless, I'm SURE you'll see a blog about it some time!!! :D

    Keep up the good work!

  6. It's looking great Libby and it will do just nicely what you had in mind. I can see that you are all working very hard in the garden and with great result!


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