Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day Off

We have been having a couple of days off from the garden, as the weather has now turned against us!
But I thought you might like to see a clematis I have on the north side (front) of the cottage. Of course I have lost the label so am afraid I can't help you with its name. It is in a pot and to be honest is totally neglected, only gets watered when I remember. When we clean out the fish tank I often pour the dirty water on this but that's about all the care it gets!

I can't wait for it to fully open, its going to be beautiful!

For my crafting friends, I am having a go at knitting with lace weight yarn. I have had the yarn awhile and been wondering what to do with it, when a friend suggested I had a go at the Forest Canopy Shawl pattern.

I had a number of false starts, got angry and ripped it off the needles, but once I slowed down, read the pattern properly I have done well.

Up to 3 pattern repeats now!


  1. oooh look at the pretty knitting! :-) Gorgeous

  2. What beautiful colors - both the lovely plant and the knitting.

  3. In awe Libby, in awe... I had no idea I could use fish tank water in that way! Stay well lovely. liZZie x

  4. The Clematis is going to look gorgeous once it has opened up, it's got lots of buds on.

  5. Hi Libby....I am a fan of can virtually grow them anywhere....and they can add height amongst the borders. Yours has such a mass of blooms, beautiful....

    Your knitting is lovely.....I really like that, so delicate......

  6. The clematis is thriving, maybe it thrives on neglect and fish tank water..!
    The forest canopy pattern is lovely, it looks like a summery sky.


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