Monday, 13 April 2009

Garden Improvements..... continued!

We had a good day yesterday, weather was just right for working in the garden, not to hot and not too cold!

K and Hubby worked hard to improve this

to this.

This is the veg bed moved from the top to here, slightly bigger because of the 'squonk' end. You can see the far end board is not a sleeper, as this is being done on a budget, I did some research on allotment sites and they recommended 'treated gravel boards'. The only place I found you could get these was Wickes at an affordable price too!

The weed membrane will be covered by gravel I found on Freecycle I can't recommend it highly enough. If your looking for something do check here first.

This is the new strawberry bed, I was going to extend the flower bed but couldn't decide where to put the strawberries, so they will go here for now and we will see how they do!

This is how it is looking from further up the garden! I am pleased.

Yet again I would like to thank Yolanda from Bliss I copied her idea of pots of tulips and they really brighten up what could be a boring view!
This pot is in its 2nd year and I'm not sure if tulips revert to an original colour or not, but there seems to be alot of white! Not that I mind, its one of my favorite flower colours!

Whilst this pot is flowering for the first time. I nearly put these up for a give away last year but fell in love with them myself so kept them. Can't wait to see them opened, they should be lemony in colour and frilly!

Whilst all this was going on, I riddled and washed gravel, something I can do sitting down.

There seems to be soil everywhere under the gravel, whilst I was riddling I worked out how it got there, it washes out of the beds and under the sleepers. Which is a pain, but I believe I have a solution, I have a huge roll of plastic which I can cut to fit around the insides of the sleepers down into the soil, making sure the water and soil stays where its needed!

As you may or may not know my garden at this point is only 13ft wide this new seating area has really opened up the garden and gives us somewhere else to sit. I am thrilled.

The last day of the hols for hubby, so hopefully the last bed can go in then its all down to me.

More tomorrow!


  1. Wow! I need to do a couple of days in the garden! Today is hubbys last day off work so it is biking to Brid! lol catch u soon.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Way to go Libby, it's looking great!!! I'm motivated to get out myself now. Still haven't started that border though...It will get done!

  3. It's looking fab.

    It's mine and hubby's last day off work today too. We've spent most of the Easter weekend at the allotment.

    I've got some lemony frilly Tulips too. They look lovely opened up.


  4. I'm full of admiration and I'm inspired so big big thanks. Your land's looking very promising for the months to come. liZZie x


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