Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Back up, Back up, Back up!!!

My computer came back yesterday, all full of 'vim & vigour'.

The 'man' has set up a continual back up procedure for me. We have an external hard drive and he has set it to run daily, backing up to this hard drive! Quite clever and to be honest a bit beyond me so I am grateful.


what I am totally and utterly gutted about is mine and hubbies Family Trees. I am convinced I had them backed up on the external hard drive because there is so much hard work goes into these, years and years, months and months and hours and hours, its not something I'm sure I would forget? But they are no longer!!!!!

I am currently running a file retrieval thingy on my computer, but looking at the files that are showing, whether I would ever recognise a family tree file I don't know, it looks very complicated! But we can but hope.

In the meantime folks....BACKUP! and not just once, you need a Grandfather, Father & Son.
I have used data sticks, as has my daughter and some days they don't always work, they just go 'phut'! My daughter lost a whole assignment, the day before it was due to be handed in!!!!

So back up to a data stick, a disk and if you have it an external hard drive, if not do a 2nd disk copy. I can promise you, you won't regret it!


  1. Oh No that would be terrible if you have lost them. I use an online backup system, but also have a few files saved on a website that I don't use very often, and 2 PC's which for the most part are a mirror image of each other. I know so many people that have lost precious things like photos and stuff. Hope you find them.

  2. I hate PC problems and worries!!Losing files is the worst frustration!!

  3. Ohhh sorry to hear about the family tree Libby, hope you find it again!

    I keep asking dad to get an external hard drive becuase there's so many photos on here and I'd be gutted if we lost them, plus load of coursework etc. although anything important is backed up on my data stick. External hard drive, here we come!


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