Monday, 6 April 2009

Garden Renovation:- Day 2

As there is quite a bit to do we have come to an agreement that I will get help outside for 1-2hours each day, whilst everyone is on holiday. That way they don't wear themselves out and still have time to do things they want to do.

So I am not sure 'all' the work will get done, so I am planning it around what I believe I can do, and what I know I can't do. The latter being done first!

So they have started to lay the slabs for me, this will be the new bar-b-que area, come sitting area for breaks whilst gardening the veg patch!

The slabs will only go along about as far as the flattened earth, at the end I am moving my Indian Bean tree too, it was giving far to much shade to the bed it was in and needed more 'spreading' room!

Whilst they did this I was in the greenhouse, potting up my 'Free' Gardeners World Magazine, Strawberry Plants!

Whilst I was up looking after mum and having withdrawal symptoms from the garden, I bought the magazine. They had an offer of 10 free Strawberry Plants for the cost of postage and packing. So Here they are all potted up ready to go in my strawberry bed!

Down in the greenhouse the seedlings are coming on a treat!

Now I am off to do some knitting to stop me going out and trying to do more in the garden!


  1. It's handy having some help with the heavy work. It's very tempting to try to do it yourself and that usually results in a strain of some kind. Keep your workers to the timetable - no slacking!

  2. Hi Libby.....I thought you have given up posting.....I did not know that you have moved again. It was only because I was checking on you that I found out.

    Your seeds are looking lovely and healthy......I have far too many this year....I have gone a bit over the top.....

    Forget the knitting.......gardening is much better!!!

  3. Looks like you have the right idea, and are letting the family do the heavy stuff.
    Your seeds are doing well.
    Spring has gone from here, we have had wet snow all day, and it is bitterly cold.
    What are you knitting...?

  4. Coming on nicely Libby - seeing all this work everyone else is getting done is motivating me to get outside. Here I go :D

  5. Did it work, the knitting I mean, to keep you from gardening? I know that nothing keeps me from gardening at this time of year, except for bad weather. ;-)

  6. I think 'little and often' is the way to go, that way you don't wear yourself out.

    I also got the same GW strawberry offer. All mine are potted up too.

  7. As always Libby I find what you're doing inspirational and also want to say that I'm really pleased that you're not going up to and beyond your thresh-holds! Takes some doing that. I'm busy planting up tubs and what not at my temporary home. I think a large, long narrow garden is a real challenge and the new look of yours looks like a success in the making. May it proceed well for you. x


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