Thursday, 4 June 2015

Plant Murderer!

Thats me.

Before the murder

and after!!!

The rheum was definitely taking over, so I decided to cut it right back and give the Gunnera a chance. Can you see how small it is, such a shame as its a beautiful plant, I much prefer it to the Rheum!

Its got to be a big plant, if I decide to take it out I won't look forward to it,

so the 'current' plan is to keep the Rheum cut back hard all summer to give the gunnera a chance and see if it can come back to how it used to be.....

this was over 4 years ago before hubbies office was built and when the pond was tiny! I would love it to be like this again!


  1. The gunnera was definitely set back big time, hopefully keeping the rheum at bay will do the trick

    1. Plus plenty of water and feed, I hope x


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