Saturday, 13 June 2015

Work Like a Trojan!

Such a busy week this week, last weekend we went to Toby Bucklands Garden Festival at Bowood, a couple of minutes drive from here! Then Sunday went to get the new filter for the pond, which took a whole day to set up and when it did work it was faulty, to be honest I was re leaved as I didn't like it. We returned it to the shop and they took it apart and it was broken inside!!! So got our refund and went to Gardeners World Live on Thursday with the free tickets I won from Alternative Eden blog!

I think its about 2-3 years since I went and it has changed alot, it was enjoyable, but then again it wasn't. I found it didn't flow and in fact we missed a part of it totally, but came back with some nice plants, a pond filter (saving £100) a hotbox for composting and some ideas. It was very hot and very busy and sadly I am not good in or with either!!!

So meanwhile back at home just some of the plants I bought, the rest are in the garden.

Usually I go to Quilting on a Friday, but my car was playing up so had to go to the garage, so I took the opportunity to go mad and plant as much out as I could before the forecasted rain downpours arrived.

My garden enjoying the rain but not nearly as heavy as predicted!

I did alot of planting yesterday then after that I did alot of watering too, just to make sure it rained!!

I can't believe we are in the middle of June and how small everything is.

Moved some of my Black Grass to the front of this bed.

The new bed with the Butia in seems to be coming along nicely.

I do like this part of the garden, I may make some raised beds so I can plant the Arum Lilies

New this year Green Goddess, I think she is stunning!

Hubby helped me plant this, that is why its all higgledy piggledy!!! He is such a kind, caring and generous person, but when it comes to listening, I often wonder who has been giving instructions on where to put things???

Inthe back corner of the above pic can you see?

here it is Variagated Bears Breeches or Acanthus 'Whitewater' isn't it beautiful, should be quite spectacular as it gets bigger.

This is most definately not the tropical bit  under the weed membrane is the old lawn I forgot I had done an order for £10 through the 'Money Saving Expert' quite awhile ago, fortunately they turned up yesterday I got, a Clematis, Alstroemeria, 2 Hydrangeas, 10 Begonia bulbs, 10 gladioli bulbs and 20 seed potatoes. The first 4 I have planted plus some of my own dahlias, the last 2 I have given away. I hate Gladioli with a passion, always remind me of Dame Edna Everidge!!!!!!!!!!!

The pond is surviving, we await delivery of the new filter, I have a large air pump going and we have to monitor water levels. I have a feeling it may not be the filter thats leaking, I think we may have a leak in the liner. But its slow enough not to cause any problems. If we have to redo the liner, I may hang on to September when the gardener is back and make it bigger, but don't tel hubby, I have yet to break it to him!!

Whilst planting I have found a number of TRex pups, I must admit I had a feeling the gardener hadn't dug out the majority of the root,which creates a forest of TRex pups!!! I shall bring them on then probably sell them on.

These are my other buys from Gardeners World. I have had them before and managed to kill them, mainly because I did not know how to look after them. But now I think I understand.
My Nana, grew a Venus fly trap, I can remember always being fascinated by it. I think she would have approved of these too.
I think back with fondness about my Nana, I remember going to Chester Zoo with her and when we came back she had a handbag full of cuttings!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You have been very busy as usual but the garden is shaping up nicely! We couldn't make it to GW live ourselves but glad to know you went :)

  2. Thank you Gaz & Mark, one of these days I will get a garden like yours, which doesn't need as much 'putting away' for winter x


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