Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Little Visitor

When I went down to the greenhouse this morning I noticed we had a little visitor.

Probably enjoying the warmth in there as the wind is bitter today!!

 This robin has been about in the garden alot this year, they are such sweet little things!!

As you know I do most of the gardening myself, in fact most of the DIY too. Hubby does not enjoy it probably because he had a wicked (as in not cool) woodwork teacher who never let him get past joints in 5 years!! It has been a hard few months in the garden and I must admit I am running out of steam!
Not helped by the fact that the pond pump packed up over the weekend, so we had to do a mad dash to buy a new one. This was sooooo complicated it took me over a day to set up and all I can say is thank god I read the instructions. 'Do not turn on UV light until the pump and filter have been running for 24 hours to check all electrics are dry'!
10 seconds was what it took for the water to flow right through all the electrics. So it is now uninstalled and ready to go back from whence it came!!!!! I do have a pump running but not nearly big enough.

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  1. Hope that pond pump saga gets sorted out soon Libby, and you then just enjoy the pond and it's set up :)


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