Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hanky Panky in the Garden!!!

We have been having a move round of water butts down by the sheds. The small one that was next to the greenhouse has been moved as a second one at the end of the shed.

Mainly because it has been an absolute pain to get round the back of the greenhouse then up the side. So now I will be able to go straight down the left hand side, provided I don't fill it up with rubbish.

We have been turning the compost today. This compost has not been doing well at all so as we bought a Hotbin Composter at Gardeners World Live. As we dug down the bottom of the compost is riddled with tree roots, so we shall be putting down slabs to stand the composter on.

Now are little robin was very happy with mouthfuls of worms and caterpillars, but what we found interesting is he would go into the greenhouse with a mouthful and come out without? So we believe his nest must be in there somewhere.

Hubby watched him hop under the potting bench so I got this pic through the glass, maybe, maybe not, but I wont move anything.

Then during a coffee break the pond was alive with activity.

A lot of Hanky Panky going on here and not just with the Goldfish, we could be getting a new breed of fish as they don't seem to stick to their own kind!!!

The view across the pond.

Loads of buds on the Passionflower, can't wait to see them flower.

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