Thursday, 18 June 2015

Watching Paint Dry!

So today I decided to paint the front door! Something I do every 4-5 years, I knew it needed doing as the paint was lifting in the bottom corner of the door. I know we could get a UPVC door, but they look odd on a 1860 cottage, how do I know, because my neighbour has one! It looks far too modern.

So unscrewed the bottom of the stable door, scraped and sanded to find there is some rot, so trotted off to the DIY store, got some wood hardener and wood filler then set about sorting it out,

Now being an impatient person, I put the wood hardener on which you have to leave for 2hours, so I painted the rest of the door except this bit in the corner, 2 hours later I came out and filled with the wood filler. I would much rather use a flexible filler as this always cracks when you shut the door.

Of course all the little black flies love my yellow door, but I don't worry, cos I leave it until its totally dry then brush them away and you can't see there feet!! Is that evil?

So while this dries for 4hours I pottered down the garden and did a spot of pruning. The Oputunia, should have been pruned when I planted it, but I never got round to it. It has lost alot of sections and some where looking pretty ropey.

So I chopped this lot off, and was pleased to see how much it is greening up!

Think that looks alot better now.

The Gloriosa to the right is much improved, so fingers and toes crossed it should start growing again!

I am so pleased how much this has grown.

 So many cactus flowers

I've just been to check and the paint is still not dry!!! Maybe its not hot enough!!!

Now the last one is not looking too good is it? Anyway it has all had a feed this week so we shall see.
I may have to put a hair dryer on the paint!!!!

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