Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Sad but Happy Day!

My gardeners last day yesterday!

I can't thank him enough, he has helped me achieve so much. Yesterday he was trimming the 'damn' neighbours hedge above their fence and I followed along behind picking up the trimmings, he told me off for doing this as he said he would do it, I said 'don't be daft if I do this you have time for other things'!! Thats how its been these last weeks. He does the heavy stuff I do the tidying up.

In all honesty he was not a gardener, he was a jobber! Provided I was with him and explained how I wanted it done he was fine. Boy, could he work, in 2 hours he could do sooooooo much. He told me yesterday how much he had enjoyed working with me, lots of variety, and a totally different view on gardening!
So after the hedge trim, he got on with this, I decided to lose the grass here

So we have cheated a bit and dug over the grass, used the wood that had edged the beds to edge them close to the path, bought a couple of bags of gravel to make it uniform with the top of the garden and covered it with weed membrane till I decide what to plant in here.

After we had finished this he still had 20 mins left so he decided to mow my lawn and neaten the edges too.

Looks quite posh now!!
So he has been booked for the end of Sept, for the big 'cover up'.

 My dalek has flowered, 2 rather stunnning flowers

Finally the pond.

The fish keep breeding, whilst we sat drinking coffee here this morning I said I would like it bigger, I would take up the decking outside the office, build brick pillars to support the decking over the pond and as well as doing this I would extend it by 1ft on each side.
Next years plan? Maybe!!!


  1. You both have done a fab job there!

  2. I am so pleased, it turned out loads better than hoped!


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