Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Planted up!

Not the best weather for a bank holiday, a time I love to spend and usual do spend in the garden. This time last year we had wall to wall sunshine, the bubble wrap was off the greenhouse, the bananas where romping away!

Anyway I decided to plant up the arid bed with assistance from my hubby so we placed all the plants out, moved them around a lot before we where pleased with how they looked.

We then planted them, and now I think it looks like it needs a lot more plants, but I think we will wait a bit.

I still need to move the box hedging, we are having more gravel delivered, not that the bed needs more but the ground needs more coverage. All in all, I am relatively pleased so far.


  1. Nice work there Libby :) give it a few more weeks and some of those little plants will get bigger and fill in the space nicely


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