Monday, 27 April 2015


I am a mix of Visual/Auditory, I love it when someone actually shows you whilst explaining, I can usually continue on finding a better way to do it. I greatly admire people who can see a coloured paint and envisage it in a room. I have made some major mistakes when it comes to this and I have now painted the whole house cream, apart from the kitchen which is yellow, then I add colourful furnishings!
Transferring this to the garden is a totally different ball game. I'm a bit of a 'plonker'. I plonk things where I think they should go then if necessary move them at a later date.
So hard landscaping to me is terrifying. Once in I can't change it! Even showing me a drawing doesn't help, I need to see it in!!
My hubby seems to be quite good at seeing it how it will be and I bounce a lot of ideas off him. My eldest daughter is even better, but I still have to make the final decisions!
I knew the veg beds had to go, they where far to dry and in full sun all day long, this was easy to decide. I then saw an amazing arid bed at a friends house and thought 'yes this could work'. I also knew roughly that I would reuse the wood and make a higher raised bed to aid drainage
So this is where we are at:

So far so good. The box hedging is coming out, but I need to add something that is relatively hardy to add height between the fence and the bed!

So up for audition we have:
Yucca Gloriosa, been in the jungle bed for years a bit spiky so could make getting behind the bed a bit awkward but would fit in with the theme of the bed!

Schefflera  taiwaniana, new to me last year, I kept it in a pot 'just in case' has grown tremendously since I got it and has the most beautiful shaped leaves, but it is an evergreen and I am not totally sure if it will cope with the amount of sun it will get in this position.

This is my smaller Phormium, planted at the moment too close to my big Phormium, would cope well in the sun and I think is a good choice for behind the bed.

Cardoon, one amazing plant keeps its leaves all year round and multiplys each year grows and enormous thistle like flower,would look good I think the disadvantage is the multiplying and the big leaves!

My lovely olive tree, another one I have nurtured for years, I even got one olive last year! I think it would look good here, but may keep it in a pot so I could move it in if necessary.

Decisions, decisions!

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  1. So far so good Libby and looking forward to seeing what you decide on later :)


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